Hair Removal With Laser

hair-removalIt is estimated that more than eighty million people in the US alone have a problem with unwanted hair. Many are happy to replace temporary methods with laser hair removal quickly and efficiently eliminate hair from all parts of the body, no matter how deep the follicles reside or how large or small the area. This includes sensitive areas like the upper lip, underarms, bikini line as well as large areas like the back or legs. We remove hair of all skin types including tanned or dark skinned patients safely and efficiently.

Please Note: Prices may vary depending on hair type and growth.


Face Upper Body Lower Body
Upper Lip Breast Bikini Line
Chin Underarms Brazilian
Cheeks Fore Arms Full Monty
Sideburns Upper Arms Full Leg
Ears Hands Thighs
Neck Abdomen Full Knees
Full Face Abdomen Strip Lower Legs
Forehead Partial Back Toes
Nose Full Back



Facial Area Upper Body Lower Body
Face Chest Genitals
Ears Chest (Includes Abdomen) Buttocks
Neck Shoulders Bikini Line
Sideburns Full Back Full Leg
Nose Partial Back Thighs
Fore Arm Knees
Full Arm Lower Legs
Hands Toes


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